What Do Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business?

What Do Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business?

Your brand informs the public about your business in more ways than you might think. The overall feeling, experience, and emotive qualities people experience when interacting with your company could all start with your logo or typeface!

Everything from messaging to physical customer interaction can be represented in the artistic choices you make for your company colors. What do your customers think when they see your brand? And more specifically: what emotions and feelings do your brand colors invoke?

Of the many factors that play into the perception of your brand, one of your most important choices is your visual design. Color plays a very important role in your visuals and says a lot about your brand. The colors you choose should reflect the values and services your brand provides. Be creative and use a professional designer when developing your brand, as the visuals you produce will represent who you are and the what your brand promises to your customers.

Keep in mind colors can be used in infinite ways to represent ideas. However, there are some common or traditional ways to use certain colors in certain industries. The following list describes common trends and associations, but when developing your brand the most important thing to consider is whether your chosen color supports the personality you want to portray. So learn a little more about color and make the right choices for your business!



Red in your brand is generally considered very high energy, exciting, or fast. Shades of red signify a business not afraid to be bold and in people’s faces. Red does not apologize for being daring.

Variants of red are also often used in the food industry to provoke hunger. Using red says you are new and exciting, fast-paced, play by your own rules.

Red Words:

passionate, high energy, anger, hate, love, excitement, youthful, bold.



Brands with a heavy use of blue often convey ideas of strength and trustworthiness.

Blue shows reliability and an even keel style. Blue brands are not charged with emotion or radical change, but instead are very logical and rational types of businesses. It is seen commonly in financial and media brands and is often used for corporate medical companies to establish trust.

Blue Words:

clean, pure, calming, relaxing, trustworthy, dependable, natural, light, clean, pure



Green brands are used to emphasize the importance of the earth, being clean, or efficiency. They are common in natural product companies, and in the food, health & beauty industries. Green can also be used to symbolize money and is used for some financial companies.

Green Words:

natural, growth, life, energy, calm, restorative, efficiency, trust,



More businesses in recent years have used orange in their branding as it represents a good balance of energy and boldness while still being approachable. Many tech brands use orange, but is also common in everything from food service to corporate companies to health & beauty.

Orange Words:

approachable, fun, energetic, modern, positive, confident



Historically, purple has been used to represent royalty and that connection still exists to a degree. Purple brands often sell luxury or high end products and services and can create an aura of exclusivity. Using purple can express the idea that your brand products are of high quality. The color also expresses fun and creativity, and can be stating your brand is innovative and unique.

Purple words:

exclusive, fun, energetic,  quality, rare, luxury, creativity, imaginative



Most companies tend to use yellow sparingly in their branding as it is such an intense color. Anything with yellow says your brand is optimistic, bright, and high energy. It is another color common to food brands that invokes hunger. Yellow is very warm and approachable, and say your brand doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Yellow Words:

very optimistic, bright, happy, positive, personality, high energy



This very dark, warm, earthy color speaks to brands that are down to earth, natural, and welcoming, but not too crazy. Brown is often used to convey the idea that a brand is personable yet dependable. It is another color common to food brands - especially those that sell coffee. It is also common to natural product companies and outdoor industries.

Brown Words:

natural, earthy, deep, calm, warmth, dependable, personable






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