Blogging 101: Why Blogging is Important for Business

Blogging 101: Why Blogging is Important for Business

20 years ago, the word “blog” would have sounded strange. Today, it’s a word we hear daily. Blogs are basically just frequently updated content that informs or entertains. You’re even reading one right now! Most successful websites have a blog, but have you ever wondered why blogging is important for business? Let’s break it down.

1. Traffic

Unlike real driving, the key to any successful website is to get traffic. Because blogs have frequently changing and desirable content, they promote more visits, clicks, and search results. Stagnant websites don’t often see new traffic, so having content that gets updated daily, weekly, or monthly is essential.

2. SEO

It’s the term we have all heard. “Search Engine Optimization” is how websites get “found” by search engines like Google. SEO works off of key terms, subjects, and phrases, as well as links, amount of copy, and interactions with webpages. Blogs are a huge part of SEO, so ensure you have a good online presence.

3. Audience Building

One of the best ways to establish a loyal audience and interact with them is through blogs. Blogs often have informal or conversational tones, and typically are short enough that people can quickly read them. Promoting comments is also a great way to keep your blog fresh.

4. Linking

One of the secrets to successful online sales is to network. Blog influencers and top promoters see huge amounts of traffic on their websites every day. Often, they’ll promote links to other websites or stores. This is known as affiliate marketing, and it’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” situation. Affiliate marketing isn’t right for all, but can be extremely lucrative when used correctly.

Don’t underestimate that blogging is important for business! Putting time and effort into a good blog will help you not only build your website, but also maintain it through the ever-changing algorithms and SEO trends. Not sure what to feature on your blog? Research some similar businesses or websites for inspiration. Or, let us help you! Blog writing is just one of the essential services Letter 13 Creative offers. We’ll get you the content you need to level up your website.

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