5 Tips for Using Twitter for Marketing

5 Tips for Using Twitter for Marketing

With so many social platforms, how do you choose which ones to focus your energy on when you’re marketing for a business? It really depends on who your audience is, and what you’re selling. Instagram is hot for fashion, consumerism and lifestyle products, and Facebook is great to spread the word about services. Many people probably don’t think of Twitter as a good platform for business marketing, but think again! Here are some creative tips to try when using Twitter for marketing.

1. Follow, Follow, Follow

As the old saying goes, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. This goes for Twitter especially. You have to build a following before you can even start posting, so search for target Twitter handles and other businesses or influencers that can follow you back and help to promote your Tweets. Just beware! If you try to follow too many people in one day, Twitter may suspend your account for spamming. Do some research and follow a few new people every day. You’ll build your audience in no time.

2. Interact

Unlike Instagram, which is photo-based, Twitter is mostly text-based. Use this to your advantage. Ask questions, create thoughtful replies to other posters, and start a conversation. Some of the most successful businesses on Twitter got that way because the consumer feels like they’re actually interacting with a person and not just a “like” button.

3. Tag

Getting other users’ attention on Twitter is as simple as tagging them. They’re likely to re-tweet you or reply if they see that you’ve specifically mentioned them, so don’t be shy. Also, be sure to sign up for tag/reply notifications or check your own tags under the “mentions” tab. You want to be as active as possible so your audience knows they can contact you with questions or concerns.

4. Keep it Short

One of the endearing things about Twitter when it first launched is that there was a character limit. Though this number has increased from 140 to 280, people still respond better to shorter Tweets. Keep your message clear and concise. If you want to beef up a post, try sharing a gif, video, or image that will catch the viewer’s attention along with your message.

5. Stay Trendy

Twitter trends are a smart way to gain views. Check out what’s trending every day and see if you can somehow incorporate that hashtag into your own post. Naturally, you don’t want to use tragic events or politics to sell products, but if #mondaymotivation or #TGIF is trending, get creative and post something of your own that fits the category. It’s sure to spark some interactions, and maybe even a few re-tweets.

No matter what platform you decide to use, be sure you’re doing some research about the latest consumer trends and the latest social media trends. With a little practice, and some trial and error, you will become social media savvy in no time!

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