When to Start Marketing for the Holidays

When to Start Marketing for the Holidays

If you go into any store, even a grocery store, towards the beginning of September, you might start to notice the telltale signs of fall. Back to school supplies, Halloween decorations, and jackets start to show up, as well as… yep, that’s right, Christmas already. The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, with some stores even pushing Christmas in July sales. Big box stores can get away with early holiday seasons, but is it appropriate for a small businesses? When should you start your holiday marketing?

Most experts agree that the holiday season has to get underway early for businesses. According to one expert interviewed for Business News Daily, holiday marketing should begin no later than November 1. This seems reasonable when you consider other stores are already pushing holiday sales. This also gives you some wiggle room because you won’t offend your consumers by starting while it’s still warm out, but it still gives them plenty of time to consider your products for gifts.

Another strategy to consider is to market for all of the holiday season, not just Black Friday and Christmas. Halloween sales are expected to climb to a record-breaking 9 billion this year, making it one of the most profitable times to market and sell products. Get in the spirit early and market not only for Black Friday and Christmas but for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. This way you’re hitting the entire holiday season instead of just waiting for the rush.

Though you may not even want to think about the falling temperatures and saying goodbye to summer, if you’re a business owner, it’s wise to at least start planning. After all, we live in a consumer-driven economy, and keeping up with the demands and shopping trends is a must!

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