Should Your Business Be On Snapchat?

Should Your Business Be On Snapchat?

As a successful business of the 21st century, it’s more than likely that you’ve been keeping up with the current social media trends. You have a Facebook, a Twitter, and you even figured out Instagram. But should your business be on Snapchat? Just for reference, that’s the app with all the filters - you know, the ones that put flower wreaths on people’s heads, or dog noses and ears on their faces.


So why would Snapchat work for your business? Really, aren’t those pictures only funny if you know the person? Here’s the thing: this app has really expanded.


Where before, Snapchat seemed like it was mostly a platform for having a conversation via quickly-disappearing pictures with text overlays, now there are news stories, articles, and much, much more. Earlier this month, Food Network had an article entitled ‘The Mysterious History of Sprinkles.’ Random? Maybe, but with all the bright colors and fun facts, it was hard to pass up. What’s even better, you can “read” an article as fast as you want - just tap and the next page will appear. Snapchat definitely understands the age of incredibly short attention spans.


So how can you get your business on Snapchat? There are a couple of options, some more expensive than others. This article by Wallaroo Media is a great reference for Snapchat’s different pricing tiers, most of which cost a small fortune, to be honest. The idea is sure tantalizing, though. The article points out that “people on Snapchat “play” with ads. On most other platforms, people hate ads.” That’s because Snapchat makes ads fun and interactive. It’s hard not to want a piece of that action.


Even if you’re a small business owner, however, there are still ways to interact with your customers via Snapchat.


“My Story” is a cool little feature that can bring an element of storytelling to your advertising, and it only requires an account, which is free. You can make a business Snapchat in no time using the same steps as you would to create a personal account. This article by Social Media Examiner goes step-by-step into the process. All that’s left after setup is to start “Snapping!” From there, you can add videos and pictures of your merchandise, store events, etc. to your Story so that your customers can see what goes on behind the logo.


Another budget-friendly option is a feature called “Geofilters.” Picture this: you’re a small, trendy optical and customers love your glasses frames but sometimes, they need a little reassurance from their friends and loved ones. Selfies are becoming more and more common in opticals, so why not use that as an advertising platform? Geofilters are a concept based on your GPS location and “As a roundabout figure, Snapchat charges $5 per 20,000 square feet,” according to this blog by Buffer. Customers in your optical can choose to add your customized filter with company logo to their pictures and soon, all of their friends will know where they scored that sizzling new eyewear!


Snapchat is relatively easy to use and a great way to have fun while engaging your customer base. There are also endless options for customization, especially with filters. For more information on all the different ways your brand can be represented on Snapchat, and for custom filter designs, just ask your friendly, neighborhood social media consultant …

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