Digital Marketing is a lot like a Relationship

Digital Marketing is a lot like a Relationship

Dating is hard...

...So is digital marketing.

By treating your marketing similarly to dating, you can create some awesome digital marketing relationships. Try it yourself and discover a couple surefire methods that will absolutely benefit your business.

1. You can't ask for someone's hand in marriage before you know their name.

You understand how creepy it is to ask for someone's hand in marriage before you’ve officially met them (I hope). Let's think of marriage as your core offer with regard to your brand - your big sale items, whether they are services or products. Here is the rule: You can't ask someone to buy something and spend their hard-earned cash without a little lovin’ first. You must introduce yourself.

“Hi, we're Letter 13 Creative. We are expert digital marketers.”

If they seem interested in who you are, ask them on a date to get to know them better!

“Would you like to view our vast portfolio of past clients? I'd be happy to email it to you.”

Few people go on dates expecting not to gain a relationship (or something else) from it, so don't be afraid to ask your customer for their contact information. Then, you want to woo them and make them feel like the most important person in the world.

“At Letter 13 Creative, we, the owners, work directly with each and every one of our clients to make sure that they receive the most out of our business partnership.”

By now, they've got to be at least semi-interested in you, right? Well, let's test the waters: Throw your potential customer an offer - something that means a lot to them or that shows a lot of value up front to, ya know, show them you care. Maybe roses and chocolate?

“I'd like to offer you a FREE Social Media Market Snapshot so you can fully understand your target market on social media, no strings attached. I just want you to be aware of what your market does online.”

Great! They took the roses and chocolate! They have to know how much you truly care now! Continue to show your value as a business and offer other opportunities for the customer to fall even more in love.

Finally, after all that hard work (on your end), it's time to pop the big question:

“Will you marr- wait… just sign this dotted line and Letter 13 Creative will do everything in its power to grow your business and help you achieve your business goals!”

They're in! They have decided to spend their hard-earned money on you! Your product and service was worth every penny to them, because you grew that relationship from the ground up. You didn't take any shortcuts to get here. You deserve every penny of it! But wait… it doesn't end here…

2. The wedding is just the beginning…

Everyone knows that to have a long and happy marriage, you gotta keep on, keepin’ on. Don't stop lovin’ your customer just because they gave you money. You need to nourish this relationship! Make it as strong as can be. You need to give them flowers and occasionally go on dates. You need to keep showing them how much they mean to you. Show them that continued value of your business.

“Letter 13 Creative prides itself in being your business’ go-to for all marketing needs. We will continue to show off your business and its marketing campaigns, even beyond our relationship. Whether it's a social media post or a full blog dedicated to you, we always boast about our amazing clients.”

Why is continuing this relationship so important? Because the more they fall in love with you, the more likely they'll take the next step...

3. I want you to meet my family…

Whether this should have been done before the wedding or not, let's introduce your customer to the entire family and see what they think. We know that your business offers more than just one product or service, so why not let your already paying customer know about everything else you do! This is an opportunity for value and profit maximization!

“Thank you so much for using us for all your business’ design needs. Did you know that we also offer full sales funnel strategies for businesses like yours?”

This opens the door to endless opportunities. Your customer knows that you're good - they've already enjoyed their first product or service with you. Now, they know that should another need arise, you've got their back. You're more than just lovers - you're best friends now. You have an official advocate for your business and you don't even have to pay them! Plus, you could increase that customer’s lifetime value if they decide to spend their hard-earned money with you again.

So, there you have it - the bread and butter to all relationships, as well as digital marketing. All of your questions have been answered. Well, we scratched the surface, anyway. But if your questions haven't been answered, leave a comment below and I will follow up this blog with another.

Until next time, you successful people, you.

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