How To: Checking Facebook Drafts

How To: Checking Facebook Drafts

Facebook has a wide variety of tools that make the creative marketing process easier for all involved. One of the Letter 13 Team's favorites is Facebook's "post drafts" feature. Drafts allow a user to create and edit posts before they are scheduled to go public and keep them saved to the page for as long as they need before launch. Letter 13 often uses the drafts feature to allow clients to review created content. Below is a step by step guide to checking your drafts to help you streamline your social media and make sure your posts are polished to your liking when they show up to your followers!


Step 1: Page and Account

The first step to any work on Facebook is to log into an account with administrative access to your business' Facebook page and navigating to the page itself.

Step 2: Finding and accessing drafts

After getting to your page and logging into an account with access, the next step is to locate your drafts! If you have drafts saved on your page, they will show up below the status bar next to a grey pen icon. This box should say how many drafts are saved as well as when the most recent draft was created. To access your draft list, click 'see drafts'. If you can't see the box, make sure you are logged into an account with the appropriate page permissions.


Step 3: Browsing drafts

The next page you'll see will give you a rundown of all of your saved drafts. From here, you can also easily see scheduled posts as well as posts already live on the page. To see an individual post up close, click on it.

Step 4: Reviewing and Editing drafts

In the popup, you will see a preview of the post. You can choose to see both desktop and mobile versions of posts by clicking on the options at the top. At the bottom, you can click the edit button to make changes. In this close up perspective, you can easily check pictures and copy up for review.

Step 5: Submitting Feedback

After reviewing your posts available, you are ready to give feedback! For those lucky enough to have hassle free social media managers like the Letter 13 Team, your job is almost done. Send your feedback in an email to Letter 13, and your posts with be updated, optimized, and scheduled to go live before you know it! 



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