5 Questions to Ask When Collaborating with Your Social Media Consultant

5 Questions to Ask When Collaborating with Your Social Media Consultant

So you’ve hired a social media consultant - congratulations! Now you can spend more time on the millions of things on your managing to-do list that do not include thinking up Facebook posts! Although, perhaps you enjoy that kind of thing, in which case, we have put together a little list to get you going in your collaborative creative efforts. Here are some questions you may have for your social media consultant:


1. What kinds of pictures should I send you for our page?

If you are opting for the DIY method with regard to your business’ image postings (as opposed to hiring a professional), it’s important to make sure that the way the images are presented is pleasing to the eye. This article from American Express entitled "10 Tips to Get Excellent Business Photos" is a veritable cornucopia of helpful tips. Several of these tips are: “Invest in a good camera - and learn how to use it,” “Tell stories with your photos,” and “Have a clear subject.” The fact is, you do not need to be a professional photographer in order to take beautiful pictures for your business. The key is to make them look professional and interesting!


2. We participate in a lot of community events. Should I post about those?

Absolutely! Your community is likely very interested in the events in which you participate, especially when it coincides with their own interests. In this article from Social Quant called "17 Awesome Facebook Business Page Post Ideas for Small Business," the author highlights the perks of posting about local events because it “shows that you are invested in the community.” Furthermore, the more people that see your logo, product, etc., the better for your brand! Is your restaurant at the end of a parade route? Advertising some sort of post-parade discount on appetizers, desserts, drinks, etc. would be a great way to get new people in your door and falling in love with your brand, so get involved!


3. Should I promote other brands on my page?

Sure! What a wonderful way to show positivity and support to your fellow business owners! “How to Build Relationships With Other Facebook Pages” by Sprout Social providess a step-by-step instruction guide on how you can reach out to other business that are similar to yours. Besides building a sense of teamwork, there’s a pretty good chance that some of those businesses will then turn around and give you a plug on their page, as well. An open and welcoming attitude is rarely a bad idea when it comes to doing business.


4. Can I send you things besides pictures to post on our page?

Yes, yes, and yes! Being relatable to your current and potential customers is always a good thing because most people like to know that there are real, live other people behind logos and slogans. This article by LinkedIn called “Catching Attention With Your Facebook Business Page” gives the advise to “Include cool and uplifting quotes that may be relevant to your business, be creative with picture posts, and just try to humanize your page to get interaction.” Did something silly happen in the office that would give your demographic a good chuckle? Send it to your social media consultant! Don’t be afraid to be appropriately playful with your customers because odds are, they’ll enjoy it!


5. Should I ask for customers’ opinions on our page? Do we really want to know?

You should definitely want to know, even if you’re apprehensive about knowing. You know? Sure, it can be more than a little heartbreaking to receive a negative review on something like Google Reviews, but the cool thing about other kinds of social media is that you can be the director! For example, say you are curious about which type of pie customers enjoy the most in your shop: why not put it to a poll? Facebook provides a quick and easy way to post such a thing, without having to tediously sift through reviews in search of pie-eating tendencies. In this blog “7 Terrific Ways to Use Social Media for Instant Feedback” by HubSpot the author emphasizes the benefits of social media in “collecting critical feedback that advances your business objectives quickly.” After all, the sooner you know how you’re coming across to your current and potential customers, the sooner you can begin to tailor your business even more to their specific wants and needs.

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