Crystal Soul Work.

Life is a quest of self discovery.

Crystal Soul Work founder, Chris Krueger, started his company as an extension of the Diamond Approach. The Diamond Approach is a school of thought that blends ancient eastern spirituality with modern psychology. As an ordained teacher of the Diamond Approach Chris guides his students to internal discovery through a variety of classes. These classes range from guided meditation to beekeeping to skiing.

As a business we value creating a mindful environment and positively influencing everyone everyone we interact with. Naturally we were drawn to Crystal Soul Work’s unique audience, value proposition, and the founder himself.

The Challenge for Chris was organization and scheduling of Crystal Soul Work classes. Exploration into his business revealed that although he had a loyal group of students, Crystal Soul Work had no efficient way to keep them up-to-date or register for guided sessions. Deeper research and user feedback revealed most people wanted to browse the variety of classes prior to signing up. Students also wanted a way to do this at their leisure and pay online. The Solution was a website that allowed users to create profiles, browse upcoming offerings, and register online. Visit Website
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